Each of these companies and startups is truly a star in its field; they enjoy challenging the status quo, just as we do. We take pride in supporting and collaborating with these innovative entities.
Clent Case Studies

Our Success Stories

MakwaIT sought a modern overhaul of their website to better showcase their services. We delivered a sleek, user-friendly design tailored to their brand, integrating cutting-edge features for improved functionality. The result? A revitalized online presence that drove increased engagement and business growth.

Dokotella sought an all-encompassing digital ecosystem, comprising a website, mobile site, and apps. By integrating cutting-edge features and ensuring robust data security measures, we enhanced functionality and user experience across all platforms. The result? Dokotella now boasts a revitalized online presence, driving increased engagement and fostering growth while continuing to improve healthcare outcomes across Africa.

Webbie Shop revolutionized e-commerce by offering a comprehensive platform equipped with tools for website creation, order management, payment processing, shipping logistics, marketing, and analytics. Through close collaboration and innovation, we created a powerful solution that empowered businesses to thrive online.


The industries we have exposure to

We have built a patient and healthcare practitioner platform with an appointment system, and digital medical record system. The system has been built on python and flutter.
With an in-house CMS system and knowledge of developing disruptive tech solutions to simplify customers' journeys. We can deliver business in a box from B2C to B2B.
A complete platform was built to cater to corporates and individuals who want to get training online or in different venues across the globe.
We love solving problems. We can ideate and come up with solution for your industry.