“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”
Nelson Mandela
We, at The Venture Studio invest in dreamers and we don't give up on them as we believe in turning ideas to reality.
We are co-founders
Start, Build, Scale your startup at Venture Studio. We will invest in you, we will work for you, and we will be on your side at every step of the journey until you scale-up.
How We Do It
We at The Venture Studio have an integrated approach for developing and sustaining startups where we bundle together all the elements that would help startups become successful and scalable.
Helping with capital, gap based mentoring, global market access, operational resources, sector specific experts, and corporate connections are few of the things that we offer to keep the startups thriving in the competitive markets.
Our Core Values
We grow when you grow. We intend to create relationships for lifetime and walk the journey together with all our clients. Our organization is built upon the very same principles. We stand and swear by the passion, integrity, diversity, and collaboration.
Our Approach
Question - Curiosity is where our journey begins. We bring the questions that would open the door to the greatest innovations and business models of the future.
People - We have got the right people and connections to find answers. Our seasoned team of startup veterans leverage their experience and knowledge to propel your venture further, faster.
Act Agile - Our brilliant people execute insanely fast, and aim for excellence.
Resources - We deploy capital and skilled employees to turn the best ideas into impactful businesses.
What Drives Us
You. Yes, the passion of the budding entrepreneurs, the ideas, and the will to succeed is what drives us to create a community that thrives on dreams and makes them a reality.
Meet The Venture Squad
Build your startup at The Venture Studio. We will invest in you, we will work with you, and we will walk the steps together until you make a scale-up.
Aman Singh
CEO & Founder
Neha Monga
Chief of Staff
Dinesh Kodiguti
Head of Growth
Monalisa Mallick
Head of Projects & Content
Let’s build your venture, together.
We help visionary companies to launch and scale digital business models through business modelling, product and software development.

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